For most of the companies loss of data means earth quake, flood or other natural phenomenon. But number of times the major threat comes from within the organization. Like theft of important data, malicious intent of employee or employee accidentally removing important business datas. The loosing of such crucial business information in not at all affordable in today's global economy.

The recovery of data means the ability to recover your technology, system and process back to state they were before. Mauli Sales Corporation has build up an inclusive approach to data recovery and has implemented a cost effective solution which focuses on recovering of data from such instances. Our data recovery system controls a tapeless system that allows for full server backup.

The continuity of business is known as the ability to conduct business during and after a disaster occur and up to complete recovery. Mauli Sales Corporation understands that in most of the organization do not have a clearly defined business continuity process. Mauli Sales Corporation has developed a managed data recovery process and has deployed a series of technologies and systems which allow us to re deploy data back to server.

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